What’s happening

Exhibition at Cornell University, USA

The exhibition is up and running at Cornell University. Here are a few photographs of the exhibit. Photographs by Sarah Tombs.

Annette Marie Townsend – The Fragaria vesca, Wild strawberry sculpture using beeswax found to contain pesticide residues.
Tyra Oseng-Rees -Bumblebee from recycled glass

Links with the Cross-pollination project

Bumblebees made from recycled glass by Tyra Oseng-Rees and Carly Wilshere- Butler

The Cross-pollination project has been running for 3 years, and this latest exhibition, PolliNation in the USA is the latest development. For more infomation about the original project go to


Exciting New Exhibition

The Cross-pollination project has an exciting exhibition at the Mann Gallery, Cornell University, USA, called PolliNation.

You may not be able to see the exhibition in person – but this blog will keep you posted with the images, artworks and events.


Hylaeus alcyoneus, female from the PolliNation Portraits series, Andrea Liggins