About PolliNation

PolliNation: Artists and Scientists Crossing Borders to Explore the Value of Pollinator Health is an exciting development from the original Cross-pollination project.

A completely new exhibition will run from April to September 2019 at the Mann Gallery, Cornell University, USA.

Threats to pollinator health are intense and varied, from habitat loss and climate change to diseases and pesticides. The new Mann Gallery exhibit, PolliNation: Artists Crossing Borders with Scientists to Explore the Value of Pollinator Health showcases the results of a multi-year collaboration between Cornell entomologists, UK based scientists and Welsh artists who, crossing national and disciplinary boundaries, work to reveal and celebrate the beauty and importance of pollinators, and how their fate is linked to our planet, and to our own.

The PolliNation exhibition developed from a pioneering research funded project in Wales, UK, called Cross-Pollination: Revaluing Pollinators through Arts and Science Collaboration. The project was an Arts and Humanities Research Council funded Networking project that brought Art and Science on creative art projects that explored and promoted the crisis facing pollinators. Additional funding was provided by the Arts Council of Wales, to enhance the art-work production and to increase the impact of the project. The project was led by Professor Andrea Liggins at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David in partnership with Aberystwyth University and the National Botanic Garden of Wales.

As part of the project artists worked with scientists at Cornell University, mainly Assistant Professor Scott McArt, and Dr Peter Graystock (now at Imperial college, London). As a result Scott McArt gave the keynote paper at the Cross-pollination conference, and four artists visited the Entomology Department at Cornell University to learn about the world-leading pollinator research being undertaken and to produce new artworks.

Some of the artists have worked directly with Assistant Professor Scott McArt and others in the Entomology Department at Cornell University, a world-leading research facility for pollinator health.

Artists include:-

Mark Cocks, Karen Ingham, Paul Jeff, Andrea Liggins, Tyra Oseng- Rees, Sarah Tombs, Annette Marie Townsend, Daniel Trivedy, Catrin Webster and Carly Wilshere- Butler.

About the Artists

Ten artists have produced artworks for the exhibition, collaborating with pollinator scientists across the UK, and at Cornell University. Two new artists have made work for this exhibition as well as 8 of the original artists from the Cross-pollination project. The artworks are an eclectic range of media, including textiles, recycled glass sculpture, digital prints, copper etchings, bees–wax modelling and film.

The artists are:

Dr Mark Cocks   https://www.uwtsd.ac.uk/research/art-and-design-research/fine-art-hub/dr-mark-cocks/

Professor (Emerita) Karen Ingham    http://www.kareningham.org.uk

Professor (Emerita) Andrea Liggins    https://andrealiggins.blog/

Myles Mansfield http://www.mylesmansfieldartist.co.uk/

Dr Tyra Oseng-Rees     https://www.osengreesreflection.com

Sarah Tombs   https://www.uwtsd.ac.uk/research/art-and-design-research/fine-art-hub/sarah-tombs

Annette Marie Townsend     https://annettemarietownsend.com

Daniel Trivedy   http://www.danieltrivedy.com

Professor Catrin Webster    https://www.uwtsd.ac.uk/research/art-and-design-research/fine-art-hub/professor-catrin-webster/

Carly Wilshere-Butler http://www.instagram.com/carly_wilshere_butler/